Success Story:

Carolina Ale House

Raleigh, NC

LM Restaurants began with a single location in 1978. It was owned and operated by Lou Moshakos and his wife, Joy. Today, the firm has over 30 locations under 6 brands, with over 2500 employees. The flagship among their brands is known as Carolina Ale House. And the flagship location for this brand is in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Lou purchased an old office building in this location in 2008. Then his dreams began to convert its top floor to an eating establishment. There were some setbacks and revisits to the drawing board in the ensuing years. Natural light, unobstructed views, and fresh air were on the menu for this adaptive reuse project. And with the help of architect, Frank Smith, plans began to firm up in 2014. Of course, with intended exposure to the outdoors it was important to protect patrons and the restaurant operations from sunlight and the elements. The walls were originally specified as garage doors, following suit with the indoor / outdoor dining trend sweeping the country.

But then, Joy Moshakos heard about Libart retractable windows. Lou and Joy became so interested that they arranged, with the help of Chris Stover of Libart North America, for a visit to Libart International in Turkey. Here, they saw the PanoraView windows in action. 

Upon their return, they were put in touch with Libart dealer, Darrell Kennedy, of Five Star Retractable Systems.  Darrell and his team with directly with the architect, contractors, and restaurant managers to bring about the realization of Lou’s vision.  

The site features three adjustable, motorized, moving parts: Roof, Wall (window), and Screens. Each component can be adjusted to provide the perfect combination of fresh air, sunlight, sound control and protection from the elements. For most of the originally specified garage doors, the innovative PanoraView retractable window system was used instead. 

The downward retraction of the window system forms a built-in safety rail or balustrade as the panels collect at the bottom of the window opening.


Product Details

PanoraView Model: W3 (3 panels per section)

Quantity: 13

Size: 9’ H X 13’ W (each)

Operation: As a window system; panels collect in the down position while open forming a built-in safety rail.

Special Features: PanoraView windows include integrated and motorized shades consisting of a 90% black solar mesh.  Site also includes Libart SolaGlide retractable skylights in a single-pitch, 4-panel configuration.  

Owner: Lou Moshakos, LM Restaurants

Architect: Frank Smith, Smith 2 Architecture + Design

Libart Dealer: Darrell Kennedy, Five Star Retractable Systems


Some Yelp Review Comments

“Or you can sit on the patio in good weather, Carolina Ale House can open up their roof panels for some clear blue skies, wonderful!”
- Ron W, 6/7/2015

“This is a real nice, if not REALLY bright, area to enjoy some good weather. The windows open up and/or slide aside and allows in a nice breeze. It almost felt like an outside patio.”
- Aaron B, 3/26/2015

“Go on a good day when they open the windows to enjoy a street view from 3 floors above.”
- TW, 6/1/2015

“Warning: the rooftop patio has a great view and is mostly covered, but if it rains, you can definitely get wet! The cooling breeze through the mesh windows definitely makes up for it on hot summer days though.”

- Tanith T, 6/28/2015

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  • Std Elev/Detail Drawings
  • And more

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