Success Story:

Coopers Hawk

Liberty Township, Ohio

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is a combination restaurant, winery, Napa-style tasting room, and artisanal retail market. The company launched in 2005 in Orland Park, a south suburb of Chicago. The concept was unique: create a signature menu with a selection of dishes designed to pair perfectly with their own Cooper’s Hawk wines, made in their private winery. With sophisticated food and exceptional wines, the concept was born.

The Cooper’s Hawk concept includes distinct components, all under one roof: an upscale casual dining restaurant, full-service bar, private barrel-aging room, a Napa-style tasting room, and a retail gift store.

Each location carries the same warmth and elegance that guest have come to expect. Yet, the most unique feature of Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants is that each location displays its own exclusive décor and feel.

For the Liberty Township, Ohio retail and hospitality development, real estate developer, Steiner + Associates sought to bring in a new and exciting flavor of innovation, combining a bold commercial experience with a community oriented feel. When it came to the design of Cooper’s Hawk 24th location in this development, Steiner’s Seth Barritt was hoping to add a unique “dynamic” component that would breed customer interaction and engagement to the location.

He contacted Libart North America with the challenge and PanoraView became the answer. Construction was completed in late August 2016 with an immediate store opening on August 23rd.

Said one early visitor: “. . . wanted to check out the location that opened up in August. Was really excited to see the set up. I was right! The tasting room is much bigger and very spacious.  We looked around and really loved the feel and atmosphere.  My favorite is the bar area. They have an outdoor patio (plenty of comfy seating) and a glass window that opens up near the bar which is gorgeous.” (Yelp review, Sandra F., Sep 8, 2016)

Product Details

PanoraView Model: D4 (4 panels per section)

Quantity: 2

Size: 13’ W x 14’ H (each)

Operation: As a door system; panels collect in the up position when open

Use: Provides access for guests and staff between the outdoor patio area and interior bar area.

Special Features: Permits seating for the full length of the PanoraView sections and on each side (inside and outside) without disruption to seating or guests during operation.

Developer: Steiner + Associates

Architect: Chute Gerdeman

Installer: Libart North America

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  • CSI MasterSpec 3-part Specification
  • Design & Installation Considerations
  • Std Elev/Detail Drawings
  • And more

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