Who makes PanoraView?

The product is manufactured by Libart North America, based in Ohio. Libart North America is a division of Ohio-based Stoett Industries.

Libart North America is the authorized North American distributor for Libart International based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Libart maintains design and manufacturing facilities on 3 continents and has distributors in 25 countries.

How much does it cost?

Costs can vary based on a few factors. PanoraView projects can be estimated with a known location, the dimensions of the rough opening, and by the operation required. PanoraView can operate as a window system where panels open by moving down and collecting at the bottom of the opening. Or, PanoraView can operate as a door system which moves all panels up to open and collects the panels at the top of the opening.

The first step toward calculating cost is a good faith estimate based on these known factors. It will specify a lower and upper limit to an expected project budget. Then, a Libart Project Manager will will make a site visit when appropriate and work out other details.

How do I get started?

Start with our Good Faith Estimate form. Generally, you will receive your estimate in 1-2 business days. A Project Manager will be in touch to assist in all subsequent steps.

What’s wrong with sliding or folding glass doors and walls?

“Wrong” is a harsh word and not appropriate here. These products are available from fine companies with reputable brands and good products. It is just that PanoraView offers a better view. To discover why it is better, take this brief tutorial on vertical retraction.

How does PanoraView work?

Libart created a patented approach for PanoraView. The design goal was to avoid the maintenance-intensive approaches of belts, chains, cables, and counterweights. The result? An innovative screw-drive mechanism.

With this mechanism, PanoraView panels can lock in any position and remain in place with or without power. The user interface features an up/down rocker switch and stop button. One press starts the retraction with an auto-stop at the end of the cycle (fully open or fully closed). You can manually stop the process at any point for ultimate control.

Is it safe?

Once more, PanoraView panels can lock in any position and the assembly does not need power to keep the panels in the locked position. An electronic photo-eye provides a motorized fail-safe by sensing any obstruction. And dual sets of limit switches (two at top and two at bottom) ensure consistent retraction travel.

Where can I find information on other kinetic architecture solutions by Libart?

Visit the Libart North America main site at www.libartusa.com. And be sure to view the project gallery there.

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