Market Applications for Retractable Glass Wall Systems

Restaurants, Bistros & Breweries

The type of food and drink you offer, the talent of your staff, the customer market you seek and serve—all of these (things) help create the atmosphere of your eating or drinking establishment.

And, of course, the architecture can also have a profound impact on the customer experience. Distinctive design helps to create sought-after experiences or ones that people like to share with friends and family. When that distinction is also a fully functional addition, it creates a return on investment that pays dividends for years.

PanoraView has found a solid home in this arena. It can come in the form of retractable windows that give your guests a taste of the outdoors with the comfort of indoors. Or, it can come in the form of retractable glass wall systems that can allow guest and staff access to outdoor patio areas.

And, because of the vertical retraction design, PanoraView doesn’t diminish from your valuable floor space in any way. Seat your guests right up to the window or, better yet, right up against both sides of the glass wall. PanoraView only needs the depth of its own panel plane (a few inches) to retract.

Worried about too much sun or flying pests? PanoraView is available with integrated and automated screens and shades.

And, if you are looking for other kinetic architectural solutions, look no further than Libart North America.

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glass wall systems
glass wall systems
glass wall systems

Case in Point

Carolina Ale House, Raleigh, NC

The innovative architecture enables this establishment to dominate in a highly competitive dining environment.  PanoraView windows, as well as Libart retractable skylights, make the guest atmosphere unforgettable.  

Cooper’s Hawk, Liberty Township, Ohio

This location, the 24th for this Chicago-land brand, opened in June 2016. Real estate developer, Steiner + Associates, wanted to add a “dynamic” component to the architecture to create greater guest engagement. They chose PanoraView.

Sport Venues

In addition to grandstands, today’s sport stadiums must offer great game-day experiences for special guests through luxury suites and must accommodate the local and national media through better press boxes.

But even these guests don’t want to be too isolated from the real feel of the game and crowd. They need a touch of the outdoors with conveniences of the indoors. In particular, broadcasters and their sensitive gear need the undiminished views of the field of play while still having the protection from weather or protection from fans who may be a little too rowdy.

This is where PanoraView shines. The retractable glass window panels move up and out of the way at the touch of a button. And for inclement weather or at the end of the game, another touch closes the windows.

Concerned about security? Even if unauthorized parties gain entrance to the suite, the PanoraView operator device offers its own keyed security.

glass wall systems

Case in Point

Nippert Stadium, The University of Cincinnati

While it’s the 5th oldest stadium in US college football, Nippert Stadium received an $86M upgrade in 2015. For the new West Pavilion, PanoraView was chosen to highlight press boxes for both local and national media professionals.

Other Market Considerations

PanoraView is a versatile product. Anywhere you can imagine a glass wall, you may also imagine the advantages of an operable or retractable wall. Windows are commonplace. But retractable windows are distinct. Standard doors open and close without a glance but a retractable glass door will “raise” the eyebrows.

In fact, PanoraView is appropriate anywhere that requires distinctive and operable architectural solutions. It is versatile in sizing, in finishes, and in the number of panels used. And PanoraView is the only retractable glass window, door, or wall system that can integrate both shades and screens.

Imagine what PanoraView could do for your next project in any of these facilities:

  • Hotels
  • Retail spaces
  • Entertainment venues
  • Office interiors
  • Houses of worship
  • Health care facilities
  • Educational institutions
And, if you are looking for other kinetic architectural solutions, look no further than Libart North America.

Available Resources:

  • CSI MasterSpec 3-part Specification
  • Design & Installation Considerations
  • Std Elev/Detail Drawings
  • And more
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